Heartland Chapter of the NFBA


 The Heartland Chapter is a unified chapter of the NFBA. Formed in February 2010, the Heartland chapter is comprised of members located, and/or doing business primarily within the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Missouri.

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The Gail Miller Recognition Program for Safety Excellence

About Gail Miller
Gail Miller was a committed building professional devoted to the post-frame industry and the safety of its workers. He volunteered his time for NFBA projects directed at improving building safety conditions and practices.

NFBA's new safety program
All construction industry businesses need a solid foundation: an established job-site safety program. Having a solid and compliant safety program will get you off on the right foot in any Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspection.

 NFBA's new safety recognition program will supply your company with a rating and evaluation for your own reference. This evaluation will identify the areas where your program needs improvement or has gaps. Your evaluators will also recognize the outstanding efforts you have made in your program.

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